About Psychotherapy

The Psycho dynamic model of psychotherapy

Most psycho dynamic approaches are centred around the concept that difficulties experienced are, at least in part, unconscious.  Mainly (but not always) the difficulties experienced today are linked to early life experiences, and/or traumatic experiences, we learn patterns of communication and behaviour as a response, often a defence, to how we were treated as children, or how we experienced trauma. We find that these influences were so strong that we continue to act in the same way, this is often unconscious.

Psycho dynamic therapies focus on revealing and resolving the unconscious conflicts that are creating symptoms. The psycho dynamic therapist can work with you to consider the discomfort you experience, this  helps the client acknowledge the existence of unconscious thoughts and unacknowledged feelings.  Work continues with the client to develop strategies for change. Major techniques used by psycho dynamic therapists include free association, recognising resistance and transference, working through painful memories and difficult issues, catharsis, and building a strong therapeutic alliance.

What is a psychotherapist?

A psychotherapist has undergone specific training usually over a number of years and is trained to listen carefully and sympathetically in order to find out what is causing  difficulty and help find a solution. As well as listening and discussing important issues with you, a psychotherapist can suggest strategies for resolving problems and, if you wish, help you to change your attitudes and behaviour.

Some therapists teach specific skills to help you tolerate painful emotions, manage relationships more effectively or improve behaviour.

Working style & other skills

I work in a number of different ways. These are about you and what you are experiencing now, and consider’s aspects of your life that have influenced you. I have a number of training’s that have given me different skills and “tools” which can help you. I tailor these tools to fit who I am working with and the situation you find yourself in, I will talk about these with you and we will agree together which ways would most help you.

Whatever we do my aim is always to assist you to make positive change so that you feel able to live your life more fully.

I have full professional indemnity insurance and have regular supervision from a qualified psychotherapist & also attend a peer supervision group. My practice is regularly informed and updated by attending workshops and seminars and by reading appropriate journals. I regularly update my DBS Certificate, previously known as CRB, (001469322309).